Publish in today’s competitive market with a strategy that will give you that competitive edge, at a budget that suits you.

To publish in today’s competitive market, you need a strategy that will give you that competitive edge. Petra guides you through the process of publishing, getting your books into stores and how to market you book in a way that will result in sales. Whether it be printed locally or offshore, or converted to an eBook, Petra can either do it for you, or guide you through the process.

Petra is a small independent publisher who has successfully self published three books (A Gourmet Oddessey – Noosa to Mooloolaba, Ginger – the flavours and the flowers and Noosa Farmers’ Market) and a magazine (regional foodie) as well as co-written, coordinated, designed and published numerous books for other prominent local identities.

If you are thinking about publishing your own book, but don’t know where to start, then Petra will help you to find a starting point with a strong plan to help guide you through what can be quite a dunting process.

Petra specialises in both small-scale local publication, as well as offshore publication.

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What Petra has to say about self-publishing

“When I published my first book, I did it through a publisher. While I was thrilled to have secured a publisher and it was a great learning process, plenty of mistakes were made. The images were all wrong, they made unauthorised changes and I ended up with a product that I was less than happy with. It was a lot of work, with very very little reward.

The next book I self published. It was a little more work – and stress – and finical outlay – but the rewards were plenty and I ended up selling over 20,000 copies.

Having said that, I had a very defined strategy right from the beginning and it was this, that made it a success financially and otherwise.

There is most definitely a formula when publishing a book – a formula that I can help you with – so you don’t make the same mistakes I made, end up with a product that you love (instead of hate) and one that is a success (especially dollar-wise!).”

Some published work

Ginger – The Flavours and the Flowers
Self-published – Cookbook

Noosa Farmers’ Market
Self-published – Cookbook

Dymphna Boholt – 4 book series
Off-shore publishing/coordination – Education/Motivational

Regional Foodie
Published & Coordinated – Food Magazine

More recent work